Start Your Own Halotherapy Business

How to Start Your Own Halotherapy Business

Halotherapy is one of the fastest-growing trends in health and wellness - and you could be part of it. Whether you're looking to extend treatments offered in your salon or center, or want to start up a brand new business, we can help.

At Tomorrow's Health and Wellness, we are Canadian distributors for one of the world's leading salt therapy solutions providers, Global Halotherapy Solutions (GHS).

From the custom-built HaloFX halogenerator to individual HaloBooths and Halo Tents, we can advise you on the best GHS product for your business. We have first- hand experience in the use of these high quality salt therapy equipment and therapy units.

Call us at 519 688 5555 to discuss your requirements.

Why tanning salons love salt therapy

At our sister company, Tanners Studio, we first introduced salt therapy as an option to our tanning customers. The response was so enthusiastic that we founded Tomorrow’s Health and Wellness to cope with the demand.

Across Canada, tanning studios are seeing the benefits of offering customers salt therapy including:

  • Increased revenue during off seasons
  • Building a new customer base in the health and wellness market
  • No licensed therapists or additional staff required

The Tomorroww's Health and Wellness range of solutions enable your business to offer personalize salt therapy spa experiences on your premises. With maximum health benefits achieved in just 20 minutes, these premium salt therapy units can offer a rapid ROI. Call us for details of the

  • HaloBooth
  • HaloBed
  • HaloCabin and HaloCabin Air
  • HaloTent

Or download our Salt therapy in Tanning Salons leaflet here.

Salt rooms design and construction

Convert any space into a salt room with a simple HVAC modification and the HaloFX halogenerator. Tomorrow's Health and Wellness can provide the equipment and a range of unique Himalayan salt decorations to enhance your salt room or salt cave experience. Ideal for spas, wellness centers, yoga studios, treatments centers and more. Call us for more details.