Tomorrow's Health and Wellness Testimonials

Genuine testimonials from our customers describing how red light therapy and salt therapy have helped them.

I first started using the red light 3 months ago. I had broken my leg in several places two years ago and have a lot of hardware in it, and was in a lot of pain. After about 3 weeks (of red light therapy) the pain subsided and I didn’t need my cane anymore. Now I walk without a limp. I was supposed to have a knee transplant this year but when I saw my surgeon he was amazed and said “See you in a year”.

The red light has also made my skin all-over soft and healthy looking. I’m so glad I tried this and will continue using it.


My shoulder used to get quite sore and achy when driving on a daily basis. Seeing how I drive for a living, that was a problem! Since starting red light therapy, after about a week my shoulder is no longer an issue I have to worry about. Thank you lots and lots.


I had a severe throat infection with the side effect of guttate psoriasis. Red light therapy has had a major role in cleaning up my entire body. Invest in the three-month package to see true/major results!


I am feeling much more flexible in my knees. I’m more able to move with less difficulty - YES!! Since starting the red light therapy I have seen a huge improvement in my knees. I still have difficulty but I’m now able to walk. With that, I should now be able to lose the extra weight I’ve put on.


As a middle aged man has had to deal with low back pain for more than half my life, I was excited to learn about red light therapy when I stopped at Tanners Studio to purchase tanning minutes back in January.

Being 55 I was somewhat skeptical of the idea even though it was a NASA developed product. So I went home, read about red light on my laptop, and decided to give it a try. Anyone who knows me will attest to the idea that doctors have prescribed and recommended countless answers to my low back pain. After about two to three weeks, I noticed that the shoulder pain related to nerves in my lower back began to disappear and I was feeling more energy and less tired after about week four.

Well I'm at the end of my three -month red light period, and I have to say without a word of a lie, I have no low back pain. I was actually scheduled for disc repair surgery in September, but as of right now, I have no need for it. The annoying thing is that I haven't been doing any therapy or exercises to help my lower back, only red light therapy.

The skeptic has been answered.


I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis this year. My ailments included:

  • Dry, inflamed, blotchy, scaly rash skin which felt itchy and stung from sweating or bathing
  • My scalp was covered in scales and became very thick
  • I was becoming depressed and self-conscious
  • My nails became discoloured and detached from the nail beds
  • My joints will become so sore that some days I couldn't physically move

The dermatologist and rheumatologist wanted me on Methyltrexate (a chemo drug). The thought of this drug terrified me and I began seeking alternative treatments. I purchased every lotion potion in vain.

I began red light therapy and started noticing a difference in just three weeks. My skin was looking less angry. Combining the tanning and red light therapy seemed be most effective. I don't use any tanning lotion but use Aveen to moisturize afterwards.

So that was the beginning. Soon after I quit smoking and began only eating organic non-processed food and drink more water and took turmeric capsules. I'm like a new person I am a much better spirits. Red light therapy has helped with clearing up my skin, pain management in my joints, and has lifted my overall mood and confidence. Thank you!


Here are just some of the benefits other Tomorrow’s Health and Wellness clients have reported after regular sessions of red light therapy:

  • Sleeping better
  • Stress reliever
  • Age spots fading
  • Noticable relief from seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • Stops tingling in my legs
  • Can finally, after three years, lift my arms over my head
  • Less leg cramps
  • Back much better
  • Tendinitis in arm gone!
  • Noticing less wrinkles on my face and neck

After using red light therapy and UV together on and off about four months, it's now clear to me that my chronic psoriasis is far worse without (therapy).

It greatly helps with the pain and discomfort. My psoriasis was so bad that I lost most of my self-confidence, but now I feel I’m getting a lot of it back.


Thank you for bringing in red light therapy. It has made a dramatic difference with chronic pain I've been dealing with.


My psoriasis and red spots seem to be disappearing and skin seems softer and smoother.


I had chronic pain in my shoulder, and red light therapy has dramatically helped me.


I have had six treatments and can feel a lot of difference to the pain in my shoulder. Rarely feel pain in my shoulder now, many thanks.


Fitness and spots are getting lighter, and I have a healthier glow.


On May 20th 2018 I was put on Oxygen for 24 hr. a day
On June 4th i went to Tomorrow's Health & Wellness for my first of 13 sessions in there Salt Room, and also got me a salt inhaler witch i use once or twice a day..
June 11th 2nd time and started feeling a little better...
June 12th i could go about 3 hr. at a time with out oxygen..
June 14th i was able to go all afternoon with out oxygen...
This stuff is really starting to work...
June 16th no oxygen all day just at night...
June 30th outside all day in 30 deg. weather, but need it when i go to bed...
July the same but had to start using oxygen in the shower "Pain in the ass"
Aug. kept getting better and better ...
Aug. 22nd I am completely off of Oxygen !!! YA-HOO..
Sept. 4th Was my finale session of 13 and feel Great don't need oxygen at all and I'm running at 96 to 98 with my oxygen level....97 IS NORMAL
Thank You Very Much Wilda Carrier and Kris Demeester

Gilbert Dias


After being in the welding trade for a long number of years and cigarette smoking I ended with COPD but since salt therapy I am total surprised how much better my lungs are doing So anybody with lung disease give a try it works Thanks very much.

Peter Hoshal