What is dry salt therapy?

Salt therapy at Tomorrow’s Health and Wellness

Dry salt therapy (halotherapy) is an all-natural way to improve your respiratory and skin wellness. This all natural, drug-free treatment helps maintain a healthy immune system, fight muscle fatigue, improve the quality of your breathing, and boosts your skin health too.

For centuries, doctors have sent patients with lung and skin conditions to salt mines to improve their health. Now, modern technology brings the health and wellness benefits of these salt caves to any location through halo-generators that recreate that unique environment.

Salt therapy is like a day out at the seaside for your body (but without the traffic!). Simply relax in our Tillsonburg salt cabin, and breathe in the pure dry salt particles infused in the air. You can taste the salt on your lips as it improves both respiratory function and skin condition.

To talk through how salt therapy could help you and your family towards better health and wellness, call us at 519 688 5555 to book an appointment. We also have walk-in appointments, subject to availability.

Our salt therapy facilities

At Tomorrow’s Health and Wellness, we have the only salt therapy treatment facility available in Tillsonburg; a three person, climate controlled Salt Therapy Cabin. This private and relaxing cabin has a pure pink Himalayan salt covered floor, with lit salt lamps to enhance the treatment It is safe for all ages, especially children, and treatment when wearing regular clothing is perfectly fine.

How does salt therapy work?

Salt therapy is safe and straightforward. Seated in our salt cabin, you inhale air infused with kinetically activated, pure dry salt micro particles. These micro particles are inhaled deep into your respiratory system, where they absorb excess moisture, remove allergens and toxins, and break up accumulate mucus to help you breathe better.

Salt therapy: the science

Our lungs and respiratory system are kept clear by the action of tiny hairs known as cilea. When you have a cold or an infection, these cilea clog up with mucus. Pure dry salt is highly absorbent, so when it comes into contact with accumulated mucus, it breaks it up, and the cilea can move the mucus away from your bronchi and bronciole.

Salt also acts by absorbing excess fluid from the lining of your airways. Edema occurs when your blood vessels release fluid into surrounding tissues, which causes swelling. This can be caused by injury, infections, and allergic reaction. By absorbing this excess fluid, salt can reduce the inflammation, making breathing easier and more comfortable.

In turn, by reducing inflammation and irritation, people with bronchial hyper- responsiveness due to conditions such as asthma, and chronic deep cough (including smoker’s cough) suffer fewer spasmodic attacks and reduces their use of drugs to control their symptoms.

You can find more research results at http://halotherapysolutions.com/research/.

Customer Testimonials

On May 20th 2018 I was put on Oxygen for 24 hr. a day
On June 4th i went to Tomorrow's Health & Wellness for my first of 13 sessions in there Salt Room, and also got me a salt inhaler witch i use once or twice a day..
June 11th 2nd time and started feeling a little better...
June 12th i could go about 3 hr. at a time with out oxygen..
June 14th i was able to go all afternoon with out oxygen...
This stuff is really starting to work...
June 16th no oxygen all day just at night...
June 30th outside all day in 30 deg. weather, but need it when i go to bed...
July the same but had to start using oxygen in the shower "Pain in the ass"
Aug. kept getting better and better ...
Aug. 22nd I am completely off of Oxygen !!! YA-HOO..
Sept. 4th Was my finale session of 13 and feel Great don't need oxygen at all and I'm running at 96 to 98 with my oxygen level....97 IS NORMAL
Thank You Very Much Wilda Carrier and Kris Demeester

Gilbert Dias

After being in the welding trade for a long number of years and cigarette smoking I ended with COPD but since salt therapy I am total surprised how much better my lungs are doing So anybody with lung disease give a try it works Thanks very much.

Peter Hoshal